Zcore™ bone substitute

Zcore™ is an osteoconductive, porous, anorganic bone mineral derived from porcine cancellous bone. Proprietary processing steps preserve both interconnecting macroscopic and microscopic porous structures of Zcore™ that helps support the formation and in-growth of new bone. Available in 2 particles size and 2 volumes

RTM™ wound Dressings

Absorbable wound dressings which consist of highly purified collagen that is derived from bovine tissue of United States origin. The RTM wound dressings are essentially resorbed within 30 days. Available in 2 shape and 3 size.

Zmatrix™ resorbable native porcine peritoneum collagen membrane Zmatrix

Natural, non-cross-linked, peritoneum collagen structure provides unique elasticity and perfect adaptation. Processed to preserve extracellular components including laminin, fibronectin, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans. Available in 3 size.

Cytoplast RTM cross linked resorbable collagen membranes

Cytoplast RTM membrane is a cross-linked resorbable membrane from bovin origin. More rigid as compared to native collagen membrane. Available in 3 sizes.

Cytoplast Ti™. Ti-reinforced dPTFE non resorbable membrane

Cytoplast Ti-reinforced dPTFE membrane is a non resorbable high-density PTFE membrane with a titanium frame to maintain space during guided bone regeneration. 150 or 250 microns thick. Ideal for ridge augmentation and grafting bony defects missing one or more walls. Available in 4 sizes and 2 thicknesses.

RPM™ – Reinforced PTFE mesh

RPM is designed to work like traditional titanium mesh, but with the added benefits of easier trimming and easier adaptation. The hole patterns on each configuration are designed to make removal easier. Circular macropores allow direct contact between bone graft and periosteum, allowing naturally occurring revascularization and infiltration of cells into the bone graft Available in 4 size to cover the main indications. Available in 4 sizes.

Cytoplast™ PTFE Sutures

Non absorbable PTFE 5/0 soft monofilament sutures