Surgical instruments

Pink Matters® X Hu Friedy® complete surgical kit

Versatile minimally invasive surgical kit

Pink Matters® X Hu Friedy® essential surgical kit

Essential minimally invasive surgery kit with 6 exclusive instruments to be integrated into a basic surgical kit

Pink Matters X Hu-friedy

Instruments per Unit

Diavolo by MJK X Pink Matters®

Multipurpose surgical retractor

Zebra by MJK X Pink Matters®

Graduated micro blade

Pro-fix™ membrane fixation system

The Pro-fix™ Precision Fixation System is manufactured to ensure easy pick-up of screws, stable transfer to the surgical site, and quick engagement in cortical bone for securing membranes and mesh. The self-drilling design of each screw allows penetration through cortical bone without the use of a mallet or the need for drilling pilot holes.